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What's in a name?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Remember back in high school English class when you discussed the symbolism in a book? Maybe it’s just because I wasn’t as enlightened as some of my classmates, but there were times I’d wonder if the author was still alive and attending our class, how he or she would have reacted to some of the comments; if he or she would approve of what some students or teachers thought was intended to be symbolism.

How appropriate to have my first blog post be an explanation of my company name and logo so people don’t get carried away with analyzing it after I’m dead… because, you know, my company name and logo are sure to be topics of college marketing class scrutiny :).

I was (and still am) amazed at how much small shifts in thinking greatly enhanced my life. And then I noticed how much more I could give of myself as I applied them. Each small shift brought me peace, expanded understanding, and often excitement. All this would then spread to different areas of my life or even to others, and I witnessed the “ripple effect” that went beyond my own positive outcomes into the world.

Because of my own personal growth story, I loved the concept of “out of small things, great things are produced,” but what are the chances that domain name would be available without having to pay someone a gazillion dollars to secure it? Miraculously the name was available, and I was delighted! My practice is about small and simple adjustments in thinking patterns that yield a much higher rate of return than one would expect from such small implementations. With myself, as well as clients, I focus on incremental change to avoid overwhelm. I don’t know about you, but when I try to “do it all,” I end up doing little to nothing.

Another aspect of “Out of Small Things” business name is literally small things! Toddlers to be exact. So many life coaching mindsets can be observed by watching toddlers! I was going to expound on this concept, but I’m afraid that would make this post too long, so stay tuned for Toddler Coaching coming soon!

The logo was a different story. I agonized over just the right look and feel. I scoured the internet for thoughts and ideas. My graphic designer (who is amazing, by the way!) asked several questions to get a feel for what I was looking for. The best I could do was to tell him I wanted to appeal to both men and women, so no frilly, curvy fonts; and the colors needed to appeal to both genders. Somehow he magically presented me with what you see now as an option I had not even considered.

It doesn’t take much brain power to make the connection of the ripple effect a single drop has upon hitting water. A small drop grows and expands beyond itself, just as small shifts in thinking creates a more abundant life and brings added value into the world.

Bonus story on the logo! My dad taught all his kids how to fly fish with a bubble. We all loved fishing with my dad, a master fisherman! When I saw that logo, my first thought was, “It looks like our fishing bubble hitting the lake!” It brought back tender memories of family camping trips, fishing with my dad.

So, now I give liberty for you to comment about other thoughts that come to you about connections between “Out of Small Things” in connection with the logo, or share how small things have produced big results in your life! I love to have a community where we can learn from one another!

High Five!


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