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Less eye rolls, more peace

Terri Hayes

Welcome! I am honored you would spend a few minutes perusing my blog. If you'd like more information on life coaching and what I have to offer you, CLICK HERE to go to my main website.

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Image by Marija Zaric

I’ve always been fascinated with how people think and view things; and as a result, was pretty enthusiastic at asking questions throughout my life  (and yes, I think I was one of those kids that tired my parents with “why”). Little did I know this skill could actually be key in a career that benefited others. 


Through curiosity, I've been able to see that so much of the world isn't so cut and dry, black and white. So much of what is put out into the world is merely a thought, an opinion. Separating actual circumstances from thoughts and realizing what I have control over has been empowering and liberating, and has brought increased calmness and security to my life. Who couldn't use a little less anxiety, annoyance or frustration?

Near the beginning of my journey, I remember listening to a podcast about unconditional love. That’s when I knew this work was worthwhile. If unconditional love was within my grasp, I was all in. Not the pretend, shallow, say the “right” words, unconditional love; but genuine, I-feel-it-to-my-core unconditional love.


A huge game-changer for me was learning I had more control over my relationships than I realized! I can choose to have whatever relationship I desire with another person, regardless of their opinions of me. Every relationship in my life is better, many of them improved exponentially - particularly the one with myself.


The most surprising gift was learning about emotions. Understanding that emotions are actually the fuel that drives our actions blew me away and their importance continues to intrigue me. Before this work, emotions were something that slowed me down and pushing them to the side was efficient (ain’t got no time for that!). Acknowledging, then processing emotion is one of the secrets of the universe, people! The information behind them is priceless.  

Image by Hester Qiang
Image by Magne

As an athlete, I practiced visualization of how I wanted to show up on the court or field, but the tools I now possess take that to the next level. Mental prowess won’t necessarily take you from 3rd string to starter right off the bat, but with all things being equal between two athletes, the one with developed/ripped/fine-tuned mental training will come out on top.


I’m pretty down to earth and very practical, but I knew when it came to where I certified as a life coach, I couldn’t compromise. The only answer for me was to get certified at the top life coaching school on the planet. The philosophies taught at “The Life Coach School” are ones that rang true to me at the deepest levels. Was I scared, taking something like this on at this stage in life? More like terrified! Excitedly terrified. Surely there is a word for that – excitified? terrexcite? (I love making up words!)


I look forward to meeting you and showing you how a life you didn’t know could get any more fulfilling, really can!

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