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“What A Waste Of Time” Going Up In Flames

Have you ever caught yourself lamenting over what seemed like wasted time? I recently stumbled upon a social media post where someone was bemoaning the end of a relationship, deeming it a futile 9-month investment. I get it! I have been prone to muttering, “those are 2 minutes of my life I’ll never get back!” But today, I'm here to defy the notion of things being a waste of time. It's a challenge I'm presenting to myself and anyone willing to join me.


Let’s take our devastated diva as an example and transform the perceived loss into a lucrative lesson, disputing it being a waste of time.


Every relationship, regardless of its duration, offers opportunities for increased successes.

  • Relationships that don't work out can clarify what you truly want and need in a partner, guiding healthier choices in the future.

  • Focusing on positive memories and experiences during your time together builds mental resilience and emotional strength.

  • Overcoming heartbreak teaches us how to cope with adversity and bounce back stronger.

  • Relationships often lead to new connections and opportunities that enrich our lives.


Let's rewind several years to when I was supporting my husband through college. Ron changed majors more times than a kid changes her mind in a candy store. At the time we deemed this experience a “waste of time” in the majors he didn’t conclude. Graduation was pushed out probably a year because of these “explorations.” Ooooo, can you sense how different even using the word “explorations” feels rather than “waste of time”?


Instead of dwelling on the “waste of time,” recognize the power in knowing what you don't want! Each 'no' you encounter brings you closer to your ultimate 'yes'! Mr. Edison's journey towards creating a functional electric lightbulb testifies powerfully of this philosophy.


We witnessed over and over the use of these “wasted classes” throughout his professional career, as well as in our family life as children entered our household.


Comment below with your own experiences of turning “wasted time” into valuable lessons so we can inspire each other further!


High Five!


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