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Just One Little Drop

Drip… drip… drip… Fairly recently in our former house, there had been some dripping going on that required some fixing; one was on a toilet. I didn’t notice the drip until I saw a small puddle at the base of the commode. So, until the plumber could come by, I put a container under the drip. The drip was so slow that I was surprised to see the container nearly full by morning. What a difference one small drop can make over a relatively short period of time!


Notice my pretty awesome logo? One drip at a time in the form of inner evolution to fill your personal “container” - a bucket, bathtub, swimming pool, or perhaps a lake. Once the drips stop splatting or partially drying up, and a little accumulation begins to happen, the drips begin to create ripples. The drips filling YOUR container are expanding out into the world around you and you have influence via the ripple effect.


Small drips, over time, can make tremendous differences. Never underestimate the power of a 3% upgrade in your game of life! For instance, try transforming frustration into fascination and observe the ripple effect. Shifting from 'why me?' to 'what can I learn from this?' can ignite empowering perspectives instead of spiraling into unproductive thoughts. These subtle adjustments pave the way for desired outcomes. Small actions lead to less overwhelm and a more manageable approach. Simplicity is the key to unlocking success in the game of life. My mission is to aid you in filling your bucket with these transformative 'drips,' enriching your relationships and amplifying contentment in your life.


What fills your bucket defines what you pour into the world. I believe most people seek peace, fulfillment, continuous learning, expansion, growth, and a desire to contribute to others. Often, the allure of achieving 'epic' things overshadows the value of small, consistent progress. This pursuit of 'epicness' tends to falter due to two prevalent reasons: Firstly, the sheer scale of the epic goal overwhelms us, hindering even the initial step. Secondly, when we do commence, the unsustainable effort required leads to short-lived attempts.


If you haven't explored other sections of my online hub, I warmly invite you to take a stroll through my website. You'll find free mini-courses crafted to enlighten and educate, a comprehensive FAQ page designed for those new to life coaching, and a variety of tabs offering diverse experiences. Additionally, I provide personalized coaching sessions via Zoom for those seeking in-person guidance from the comfort of their space.


BONUS: Starting November 27, 2023, I've integrated an exciting addition to my calendar—an exclusive FREE coaching offering for THREE weeks!


As you've perused through my blog posts or navigated my website, has anything sparked your curiosity? Is there a specific area you'd like to delve deeper into? Are the upcoming holidays bringing stress, anxiety, or overwhelming emotions? Don't hesitate to schedule a complimentary session; let's discuss and navigate through it together.


Know someone who could use some guidance but might miss this post? Send them my way. This offer extends to everyone—family, friends, or even acquaintances of acquaintances. I'm here to support anyone who might benefit from it this season. Click here for my calendar.


High Five!


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Dec 05, 2023

When you talk about a 3% increase, that doesn't sound like much but it's kind of like Dieter Uchtdorf's comparison to being off course by 3 degrees. It doesn't make much difference in the short term but over time, the difference can be huge!

Terri Hayes
Terri Hayes
Dec 06, 2023
Replying to


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