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Are You In The Game?

Updated: Apr 18

Since I was young, I've always been in action. Even as a kid and teenager, sitting in front of the TV for too long was a challenge. Even now, when my husband and I watch a show at home, it usually gets paused at least once for me to get up and do something (luckily, I have a patient husband!).


Despite growing up with two older siblings, our home lacked the typical sports paraphernalia like balls, mitts, and basketball standards—until I arrived. My presence ushered in a new era of action, adding these items to our home decor (aside from my dad’s dusty, boxed-up sports gear).


Playing sports has been a huge joy in my life. I've often wondered what I would do if I couldn't be active anymore. The thought of taking up competitive knitting just doesn't excite me. Many are surprised that I don't follow sports teams or consistently watch games (unless it's my kids or someone I know). It's because I want to be in the game, not on the sidelines. When I watch games, it's primarily to learn ways to enhance my own skills.


My children think I love to clean, and more than once I've heard one of them tell someone else, 'my mom loves to clean.' Initially, I would correct them, saying I don’t love to clean per se; I just love a clean house, so I clean. But as I've reflected, maybe they're right. I really do love to clean! I love being in action, even if it means scrubbing toilets, and I get great satisfaction from the results of my efforts.


Procrastination isn't something that plagues me. One of my mottos is, “get the unpleasantries done so they don’t nag on my mind!” People know that when I commit to something, it’s as good as done.


So, why am I sharing all this? Because even the most active 'get 'er done' people hit a wall and need extra support.


Months ago, while perusing our local newspaper, I stumbled upon a Toastmasters group that meets weekly. Despite public speaking not being my thing—I’m more of a pen-and-paper kind of gal—I felt a nudge to inquire. This was an area I knew I could improve.


However, I procrastinated making that call, which brought a level of shame since I’m a “go-getter,” not a procrastinator. It wasn't until I brought it up with one of my life coaches, who held me accountable, that I made the call within the next few days.


One of the reasons we don’t take action is simply because we need an accountability partner! Now, taking action is multifaceted, and accountability is just one of many tools.


I am your Action Coach. Stay tuned for more blog posts on bringing your A-game to everything you do! And if you could use some accountability support, schedule a free session with me here:


 High Five!


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